Q1: Give access to your account

Q2: Add a new customer

Q3: View, add and edit users for this customer







Q1: Give access to your account

Sometimes you need a bit of help our you need to give your customer a hand with some settings, to prevent that you will have to work with a program like teamviewer or to let you customer give you their credentials you can use the support option in Control Panel. You or your customer can give access to someone to your account for some time.

1. Login to Control Panel

First you need to login to Control Panel. If you don’t have an account you can create an account (use the menu in the header and choose register). If you need help to login to Control Panel, please read here how to logon.

2. Adding a user to access your account

In the top right corner of the header bar you will find the question mark icon. Support button

If you click on this you will see two options:

Request support and Control Panel account take over


You need to click on request support to give access to your account.

Support settings

3. Enter the e-mail address you want to give access to your account

Now you have to fill in the e-mail address from the person you want to give access to your account. You can also give a time periode this user can access your account. After the time periode has elapse the access will automaticly revoked. Also you can see who has access to your account and revoke that access at any time.

4. Take over an other account to give support

If someone has has given you access to his account you go to the Control Panel account take over option in the support menu. Here you will find a list with all the accounts you have access to:

Support result view

To go to the account you want to access click on the green button behind the name. A new tab will open where you are logged in as the person who has given access. Note: the session you had in your own account will be killed so to access your own account again you will need to logout and need to login with your own credentials again.

Q2: Add a new customer

There are two ways that a new customer can be added to your Control Panel.

  • The customer can create an account for themself on the login page for your control panel. If you want to enable this look here
  • You can add a customer in your customer grid view.

To add a customer yourself go to Account Management -> My customers and click on “Add customer”


Fill in all the data in the next screen:


After you have filled in all the fields you can click on save. Your customer will recieve an email that he is added, and another email to validate his email address. After this step you are done.

Q3: View, add and edit users for this customer

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